What If?

At the Final Judgment the secrets of our hearts will be revealed and each one of us will have to give an account for our life, our thoughts and deeds (Romans 2:12-16) movie the keeper- holder microchip recorders play mo vie at death.

What if people actually could see how they lived their lives after death, what if they were given an opportunity to view their lives through the others( in their life)  lens- what if they could go back and see what their mother saw- through her eyes, their wifes eyes, their teachers eyes, their child’s eyes . What if the lens they see through after death is a multidimensional lens- one in which they see all truth. What if we enter a space where there is no time where truth is the only  option to see. Real truth not just truth according to how we see it or experience it.  If God is really God …When we meet God we will have nothing to say because He knows it all, there is no debate just genuis- truth and love. We really cannot fathom to debate our perspective, because it is what it is,  all the facts are bare before  all mankind, calculated and summed in total.  What if our brains are actually mini computers that hold all the memories of life, what if we control what we choose to remember, and disgard what we choose to disregard? What if every infraction you ever did was being tabulated, recorded, encoded. With that in mind- how would you fare  when you think of the wrongs you have done in comparison to the wrongs done against you? What if after death we get the chance to process our lives- time is void, people are not engaged…. its just you and you get to see who you really are- or in death who you really were on this earth. The good the bad and the ugly, all visable to see and relive and experience.

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